At The End of the World
a film by Dieu Hao Do
medium film 30 min.
At The End of the World

Korean anthropology student LUCIANNE PARK leaves her hometown Seoul for the first time in her life and goes to Hong Kong on her own. One night she dreams of becoming a whale and decides to make that dream true.
In the city of skyscrapers and neon signs she meets OSWALD BECKENBAUER, a German homeless guy who lives on his own on the rooftops of Hong Kong. They fall in love and decide to disover the city of Hong Kong together. But for how long can such an improbable relationship last?

Dieu Hao Do

Felix von Boehm

A Coproduction with:
Filmuniversität Potsdam-Babelsberg

Funded by:
Haus am See Stipendium (Antonius Stiftung)